Why use a Commercial Laundry Service

If your business generates a lot of laundry, you have likely spent many hours running linens or clothes through the wash in order to conduct business. This is time that might be better spent working with customers, bookkeeping or freeing up employee time for more specialized tasks.

Some of the reasons to consider using a commercial laundry service are:

  • Create more time for customers
  • Reduced wear on personal washer/dryer
  • Employees not spending time/skills on laundry
  • Free up time for other management tasks
  • You are too busy to handle the laundry but not busy enough for another employee
  • Your time is better invested in growing your business

Many of these reasons have one thing in common, you are taking time away from revenue or management tasks to do a basic task. If you are a massage therapist, hair salon or doctor’s office you might be better off bringing your laundry to a commercial laundry service.

Once a business owner has factored in what they can make in an hour of providing services to a customer vs. spending an hour doing laundry (incomplete sentence). Many times it is more profitable to hire a laundry service.

For example, a massage therapist is able to earn $70 or more from a customer appointment. If this massage therapist spends 2 hours a week doing laundry, that is 2 hours that could be used for customer appointments, earning $140.   The amount of laundry a residential washer and dryer could do in 2 hours would cost $30-$40 using a commercial laundry service.  Ignoring the wear and tear on a residential washing machine, the massage therapist would gain $100-$110 per week. Between $5,200 and $5,720 per year in increased revenue.

A couple of reasons not to use a commercial laundry service would be if you have employees who have idle time or if you have hours during your week where you can not schedule appointments. If this “idle” time is already paid for and not generating revenue, it may be better off spent doing laundry. If an employee’s time is less expensive than the cost of using a laundry service. Such as an $8/hr employee spending 2 hours to do $40 worth of laundry. In this scenario the business would be better off utilizing in-house resources.



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