Unattended Vs. Attended Laundromats

Have you ever moved into a new area and had to start over finding a new laundromat? In this article we will go over some of the differences between unattended and attended laundromats. We own both types of stores which gives us insight into what each store offers to customers. We have also visited many other stores to gather ideas. Hopefully we can help you find the right laundromat for your needs.

Unattended Laundromats

Unattended Laundromat


  • Better Hours
  • Lower Prices

Unattended stores generally have more reliable hours. They are usually open on weekends, holidays, early in the morning and late at night. Most unattended laundromats have better hours, due to not having employees. It is easier having automatic locks allowing the store to open and close without an attendant. Customers can come in earlier in the morning or late in the evening as their schedule allows. Another benefit of an unattended store is the lower cost to run the machines. The owner doesn’t have a to pay wages and can pass the savings on through lower prices.

Some unattended stores have bathrooms while others do not. It is difficult for an unattended store to keep a bathroom clean and well kept. If the owner of the unattended store is diligent this may not be a problem. The major weakness of unattended stores are equipment failures. If a machine experiences a problem there is generally no assistance available. Problems can be clothing getting stuck in machines, dryers failing to heat up or other issues. Some stores have a contact number or a message box to help with this issue.

Attended Laundromats

Attended Laundromat


  • Cleaner Facility
  • Help Available
  • Additional Services
  • Most offer bathrooms
  • Safer to leave items

Attended laundromats are typically cleaner having staff members available. More services can be offered at attended stores, such as wash-dry-fold and dry-cleaning. These services require a person to weigh items and run the register. If there are any problems with equipment someone is available in the store to help or issue a refund. At an attended laundromat a customer can drop off clothes and leave while they wash or dry. While this is still a risk it is more secure than an unattended store.

The increased cost of employees can cause higher prices at attended stores. They might have more limited hours, trying to balance employee payroll with customer availability. Attended stores try to keep open hours during the most likely customer hours. This can make it difficult for some customers to get to an attended store during business hours.

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